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Welcome to Hooked Wireless

Today's embedded devices pack amazing compute power into a very small, low-power package.  Compared to the devices of the past, they represent a revolution in computing form factor and mobility. Hooked Wireless has been helping to bring about that revolution since 2004.

At Hooked Wireless, we specialize in engineering for visual computing - particularly 3D graphics, neural network systems for computer vision and understanding, and IOT camera systems and software.

We are proud to have participated in the development of may of the industry's successful mobile and IOT devices, and the mobile SOCs of some of the world's best silicon vendors.  Our graphics drivers have been deployed on tens of millions of devices, and successful client solutions on hundreds of millions of devices.  Our major customers include Apple, Google, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Sony, Flextronics and others.

Let us help you bring your product vision to life.

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